-AUGUST 2022-

With the recent transformation towards digitization, several organizations have commenced switching to a digital platform. They are either launching them digitally or intensifying existing marketing strategies with digital tools. Brands of diverse sectors and fields started looking for agencies that provide these services at nominal cost and maintain a significant online presence.

Co-founder Aayati Ecoventures Pvt. Ltd and experienced IT professional Mr Rahul Chandra founded a new startup, named Paraojhi solution LLP. This new venture aimed at providing a digital presence to the people in dire need of a reliable IT infrastructure. It facilitated them to build and maintain their existence through appropriate digital channels. While Mr Chandra's previous startup, Aayati Ecoventures Pvt.Ltd or eco hub (in short), which provided people with eco-friendly products at a reasonable price, introduced people to eco-friendly living. Being a versatile entrepreneur, Mr Chandra devised new strategies to overcome their challenges digitally and naturally.

Covering a vast horizon of sectors, PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP serves organizations of all kinds to acquire and effectively maintain their digital presence in the world market. It has provided its services to healthcare institutes, hotels, political campaigns, and educational institutions of all types over the years. With its effective marketing strategies accompanied by their successful implementation, PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP helps its clients to gain conversion rates, much higher than promised by other competitors.

Covering the whole digitization domain, PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP facilitates its clients with SEO, SME, website strategy, e-mail outreach, and review management of the top quality. By generating leads and customer data of potential buyers, PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP sets sync between the marketing and sales teams to effectively handle customer relationships. PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP considers marketing to be a collective effort and well-optimized utilization of the company's most valuable resources.

During the lockdown, many healthcare institutes, Hotels, and FMCG companies aspired to launch themselves digitally. PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP helped such institutes to develop and maintain an adequate digital infrastructure both locally and internationally. By a well-maintained digital platform, these institutions can reach more audiences and even provide healthcare facilities to the people in need.

Educational institutes offer unlimited opportunities to students of all domains. They achieve This by working closely with teams from all marketing, designing, IT, and academics. During the lockdown, to not get worse hit by the shifting economy, these institutes opened their gates to third party marketing agencies to reach more students by online advertisement. One of India's Fortune 100 colleges/universities has its digital presence well-maintained and handled by professionals at PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP and enhanced their conversion rate from 1.5% to 4%. Sky-rocketing the growth of this University, PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP was able to land more clients from the education domain like Schools, Coaching Institutes, and training centres.

PARAOJHI SOLUTION LLP consist of a well-trained team of professionals including web developers, application developers, content writers, graphic designers, and animation experts lead by Founder Mr Rahul Chandra.

-JULY 2022-

The present-day era of digitization has urged brands to shift toward the digital world. They are either setting up a direct digital presence or bracing their marketing strategies with some efficacious digital mechanisms. In such a scenario, brands and companies look for agencies that serve with effective digital marketing services at affordable costs.

Paraojhi solution provides the best possible branding services to its clients. It is a new well-established start-up founded by Mr. Rahul Chandra, providing a digital presence to the people in dire need of well-managed digital infrastructure. Mr. Rahul Chandra is an immensely acclaimed IT professional with an experience of more than a decade.

We at Paraojhi solution propound our clients with a complete array of digitization. We aim to expedite their overall digital journey with Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, website strategy, e-mail outreach and excellent review management.

Mr. Rahul Chandra values marketing as a high-yielding confluence of teamwork accompanied by a well-optimized utilization of the company's most worthwhile resources. This can be well-perceived by the magnificent coordination between the sales and marketing teams at Paraojhi Solution.

Paraojhi Solution has been serving a wide spectrum of customers for more than three years. We help hotels, healthcare institutes, educational institutes of all types, political campaigns, retail stores, or any business that seeks some helping hand in building a concrete digital establishment. With effectively framed marketing strategies by Mr. Rahul Chandra and a comprehensively-coordinated execution mechanism by his team, Paraojhi Solution aids its clients to achieve comparatively higher conversion rates.

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